Monday, July 25, 2011

A Multitasker's Guide to Diabetes Management

Managing diabetes doesn't have to take over your busy life. Here are some simple ways to incorporate treatment, monitoring, and wellness into your daily routine.

Be proactive when dining out. Choose a restaurant with a varied menu that gives you a wide array of healthy options. And don't be afraid to ask your server for a healthy substitution, like a side salad or steamed vegetable instead of mashed potatoes or the Acai berry instead of other fruit juice.

Find a better way to test. Glocose meter such as the Bayer's CONTOUR® USB is the first plug-in blood glucose meter that opens diabetes management software on your computer. Simply plug it into your computer to track your blood glucose levels at a glance — you can even print out reports to take to your doctor.

Shop for the week. If you're worried about making on-the-fly eating decisions, a little preparation can help. Plan your meals for the week in advance so you make sure you're getting adequate nutrition – and avoiding slip-ups with foods that are off-limits.

Download an app. Now you can add diabetes management to the list of ways your smartphone makes life easier. Log your blood sugar, exercise, carbohydrate intake, medications, and more in one convenient application that you can access securely on your phone anytime, anywhere.

Get walking. Exercise has a profound impact on overall health, and is especially essential for diabetics who need to keep their blood glucose levels in check. Walking is a simple, enjoyable, and low-cost way to incorporate physical activity into your daily life. Start small with simple goals, like taking the furthest parking spot or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Managing diabetes is essential to staying healthy. Luckily, it doesn't have to interfere with your busy lifestyle. A good glucose meter can simplify your diabetes management — and your life.